Where can find the mining software?
Go to the get started page on the pool website
Is my device supported?
The mining software is 64 bit only and supports both Windows & Linux.There are solvers included for CPU, CUDA and OpenCL. CPU mining supports SSE2, AVX and AVX2 on x64, a x86 version of the miner will not be released. The CUDA solver supports the most recent cards of the last couple of years.
How can I assign a name to my workers?
Edit your .bat or .sh file and append a dot to your wallet address followed by the worker name of your choice. e.g. XS14gShuJvwSXy5muKPshsU5DJjTUAjnx5.MyWorkerName
I’ve been mining hours but have not been paid, what is wrong?
Each block mined must be validated 100 times before that block will become available for the pool for payment. This means that 99 more blocks have to be found before the funds become available. After the funds become available each worker is credited with their share of the mined block, the worker balance will be updated. Payments to the wallet are only made if the worker balance exceeds 0.1 MNX.
Why do my shares on the pool reset?
Shares are reset when a block has been found and a new round of mining has started. Your shares of the newly mined block are stored until the block is confirmed and shares converted to balance.
What does Luck mean?
Luck is the average time for the pool to find a block on the network. The luck is displayed in days. To find the average time in minutes multiply the pool luck value with 1440.
What is difficulty?
Network difficulty is a parameter which is used in mining to prevent that blocks are generated too fast. Every 960 blocks the network recalculates the difficulty based on the average time between blocks over the last 960 blocks. If the average time is higher than xxx the difficulty will decrease. If it is lower the difficulty will increase. An increase in network difficulty won’t affect the number of shares you submit the pool, it only decreases the probability of shares being a valid solution for the block.

There is also a worker difficulty, it functions in much the same way but with one large difference. While network difficulty affects the chances of finding a solution to a block, the worker difficulty affects the chances of finding a share on the pool. When worker difficulty increases the number of shares your miner submits decreases. However the shares you do find will be of higher value. Worker difficulty is calculated per worker to get a worker to submit an average of 1 share per minute. This is a measure to decrease load on the pool’s servers.

The shares of each worker are normalized to account for the value of the shares. This is the reason why your worker stats page can show different share number then you see in your miner.
My balance has reset to zero
Congratulations, you just got paid. A new transaction should be visible in your wallet which will be become available for use after 6 confirmations.
I have a problem and need help!
Join the telegram channel mxpool (http://t.me/mxpool) and ask your question there.